Ask Jim Jarmusch

When we released Jim Jarmusch’s films Down by Law and Night on Earth, the supplement Ask Jim, in which he answered questions viewers wrote in about his films, was so popular that we’ve decided to do it again. We are currently working on the special edition of Jarmusch’s Mystery Train, and we are wondering what questions you would like answered about the film. We can’t guarantee he will answer all (or any) of your questions on the release, but please post them in the comments here.

We will be accepting your questions through January 6. Please do not post any personal requests; they will not be answered. Please do post thoughtful and creative questions. Post as many questions as you’d like, and remember to include your full name, city, state, and country of residence. Thanks for participating and look out for Criterion’s edition of Mystery Train this summer!

*By posting a question to this address, you allow the Criterion Collection to use your full name, city, state, and country of residence and your question in full or edited form, in any or all media, worldwide, in perpetuity.

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