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Kim Newman

Kim Newman is a novelist, critic, and broadcaster. His books include the Anno Dracula series and Nightmare Movies. He is a contributing editor to Sight & Sound and Empire magazines and writes for Video Watchdog.

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Scanners: Mind and Matter

Among the brainiest of all horror movies, David Cronenberg’s film goes beyond shock to investigate a disturbing world of psychic mutation.

By Kim Newman

The Blob: “It Creeps and Leaps”

The slimiest movie monster of them all is part of—and perfects—a great tradition of unstoppable outer-space invaders.

By Kim Newman

Vampyr and the Vampire
Asearch for films using the word vampire or vamp in the title will turn up dozens of pictures made in the silent era. But this is only because, after the 1915 A Fool There Was (inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s poem “The Vampire”), in which star Th…

By Kim Newman

The Vanishing

The central situation of The Vanishing is a mystery archetype: a couple is on holiday in a foreign country when one disappears, and the other searches for the missing person. Witnesses claim to have seen nothing unusual, and authorities question even

By Kim Newman