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Todd McCarthy

Todd McCarthy is the chief film critic for the Hollywood Reporter and for many years held the same position at Variety. His books include the biography Howard Hawks: The Grey Fox of Hollywood, and he is an award-winning writer and director of documentaries, including Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography and Man of Cinema: Pierre Rissient. McCarthy once skied with Robert Redford, following far behind in his tracks.

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Downhill Racer: Trailblazer

Critic Todd McCarthy takes an inside look at Michael Ritchie's outdoor drama, which he calls “spare, cut to the bone, as fine as dry powder. Had Hemingway ever written about competitive skiing, this would have been the right style with which to han

By Todd McCarthy

Sullivan’s Travels
The sweetest, most generous-hearted satire of the Hollywood film industry the town has ever produced, Sullivan’s Travels was the fourth of the eight films Preston Sturges made during his astonishingly prolific streak between 1940 and 1944. Deservin…

By Todd McCarthy