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Michael Lydon

Michael Lydon, a writer and musician, began reporting on pop music in the sixties. He is the author of the book Flashbacks. This piece originally appeared in the Criterion Collection’s 2002 edition of Monterey Pop.

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Gimme Shelter: The Decade That Spawned Altamont
In the fall of 1969, I landed the coolest possible writing gig: touring with the Rolling Stones on assignment from the New York Times (the Times rejected the hundred-page piece I turned in, but radical Ramparts printed it). The tour across America wa…

By Michael Lydon

Monterey Pop: The First Rock Festival

The Monterey International Pop Festival is over, all over. And what was it? Was it one festival, many festivals, a festival at all? Does anything sum it up, did it mean anything, are there any themes? Was it just a collection of rock groups of varyin

By Michael Lydon