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​Pamela Hutchinson

Pamela Hutchinson is a freelance writer, critic, and film historian. She has written essays for several edited collections and her publications include the BFI Film Classics volume on Pandora’s Box and 30-Second Cinema. She blogs at

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The Silences of the Silent Era

A string of recent programs, including the Pordenone Silent Film Festival, have illuminated important actors and filmmakers whose success challenges the impression that early cinema was exclusively the preserve of white men.

By ​Pamela Hutchinson

Lois Weber: “It Is Good to Be a Director”

The Hollywood silent era’s leading female director was a meticulous visual stylist whose films were infused with a passion for progressive social values.

By ​Pamela Hutchinson

The Woman Who Invented the Hollywood Screenwriter

The highest-paid writer in Hollywood at a time when women were at the forefront of shaping the industry, Oscar winner Frances Marion created some of the most unforgettable stories in 1920s and ’30s American cinema.

By ​Pamela Hutchinson

Rita Hayworth’s Artful Indecency

Behind her carefully crafted bombshell persona, the great Hollywood actor found ingenious ways of signaling how aware she was of the artifice of her own image.

By ​Pamela Hutchinson

The Circus: The Tramp in the Mirror

During a tumultuous time in his life, Charlie Chaplin captured his own identity crisis with this deeply introspective comedy, which explores the fine line between success and failure.

By ​Pamela Hutchinson

Laurence Olivier: The Tragic Comedian

Working from the outside in, one of the most celebrated actors of his generation infused his majestic, deeply dramatic performances with touches of humor that illuminated his characters’ humanity.

By ​Pamela Hutchinson

“Welcome to the Realm of Imperfection”

This year’s San Francisco Silent Film Festival was haunted by the shadows of lost films, abandoned formats, and fascinating ephemera.

By ​Pamela Hutchinson

The Heiress: A Cruel Inheritance

With the help of intense performances by Olivia de Havilland and Montgomery Clift, William Wyler turns the genteel spaces of a Manhattan town house into an emotional battleground.

By ​Pamela Hutchinson

Eclipse Series 46: Ingrid Bergman’s Swedish Years

Ingrid Bergman’s work in her native Sweden was an early showcase for her dazzlingly precocious talent and emotional depth.

By ​Pamela Hutchinson