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Scott Tobias

Scott Tobias is a freelance film and television writer from Chicago. He currently writes reviews for NPR and Variety, edits Oscilloscope Laboratories’ Musings blog, and contributes frequently to the New York Times, the Washington Post, Vulture, and other publications.

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I Wanna Hold Your Hand: All Perfectly Normal

Kicking off a career that would go on to explore the mysteries of pop culture, Robert Zemeckis’s first feature revisits the weekend the Beatles set youth culture ablaze with their American debut.

By Scott Tobias

Jabberwocky: Through the Looking Glass and What Terry Found There

Terry Gilliam plunges into the filth and absurdity of medieval England with this grim fairy-tale comedy.

By Scott Tobias

Lost in America: The $100,000 Box

Albert Brooks brings the gift for comic deconstruction he honed in his stand-up career to this uproarious satire of baby boomer values.

By Scott Tobias