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Robin Wood

Robin Wood is the author of numerous books and essays on cinema, including Hitchcock's Films and Hitchcock's Films Revisited. He is currently editor of the film journal Cineaction.

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The Lady Vanishes Revisited

If I had not seen The Lady Vanishes at the age of seven, I might never have become a film critic. I was the fifth child of parents well into middle age: clearly an “accident,” as I was ten-years-plus younger than the other four. My siblings were

By Robin Wood

Le plaisir: Life Is Movement

Max Ophuls acquired an enviable reputation both on-screen and behind the scenes. Most actors, male or female, loved him, and if technicians complained of the amount of work necessitated by his remarkably fluent and complex long takes involving tracks…

By Robin Wood

Rebecca: The Two Mrs. de Winters

Rebecca marks the most decisive single step both in Hitchcock’s career and aesthetic evolution: the move to America, the first time working under (and intermittently struggling against) a powerful and dominating producer, the liberating extravaganc…

By Robin Wood

The Scarlet Empress