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Stephanie Zacharek

Stephanie Zacharek is the film critic at Time.

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Summertime: Souvenirs

In David Lean’s Venice-set romance, a fleeting love affair prompts a woman’s self-exploration.

By Stephanie Zacharek

Cold War: You’re My Only Home

Two lovers cross boundaries both personal and national in this ambitious, zigzagging love story, one of the most romantic films of this century.

By Stephanie Zacharek

Hedwig and the Angry Inch: She Sings the Body Electric

A work of rapturous energy, John Cameron Mitchell’s beloved debut feature is a freewheeling rock-and-roll musical suffused with heartbreak and pleasure.

By Stephanie Zacharek

Let the Sunshine In: One Love

Claire Denis and Juliette Binoche grapple with the realities of middle-aged loneliness and the eternal quest for companionship in this candid quasi comedy.

By Stephanie Zacharek

A Matter of Life and Death: The Too-Muchness of It All

A feast of sumptuous color and cinematic imagination, Powell and Pressburger’s postwar masterpiece is also a powerful reckoning with recent history.

By Stephanie Zacharek

The Breaking Point: All at Sea

This underappreciated highlight of Michael Curtiz’s filmography grapples with postwar disillusionment and marital strife through the prism of a daylight noir.

By Stephanie Zacharek

Woman of the Year: A Woman’s Place

George Stevens’s Oscar-winning comedy captures the first sparks of attraction that ignited one of the great on- and offscreen romances in Hollywood history.

By Stephanie Zacharek

The Palm Beach Story: Love in a Warm Climate

Money can’t buy love and happiness in Preston Sturges’s classic comedy—or can it?

By Stephanie Zacharek