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Stephen Winer

Stephen Winer was one of the original writers for Late Night with David Letterman. He has also written for comedians Robert Klein and Dick Van Dyke and the Disney Channel’s The All New Mickey Mouse Club.

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Deep Dives

Harold Lloyd Has Something to Say: The Silent Master’s Funniest Talkie

The arrival of sound proved an enormous challenge for the geniuses of silent comedy. But Harold Lloyd, with his unflappable determination, finally made a successful transition.

By Stephen Winer


The Funny Man with the Pardon: Billy Gilbert in His Girl Friday

The famously blustery comedy veteran transforms into a hilariously timid messenger in Howard Hawks’s fast-talking screwball masterpiece.

By Stephen Winer

“Serpentine! Serpentine!” The Impeccable Madness of The In-Laws

Arthur Hiller’s 1979 comedy pairs Alan Arkin and Peter Falk as unlikely comrades in a madcap farce that lands every laugh.

By Stephen Winer

The Many Kids of Charlie Chaplin

By the time Charlie Chaplin began work on what would be his first feature-length film, in 1919, he had been sneaking up to the longer format for some time.

By Stephen Winer

Laughter Behind the Screen

Movie comedies about moviemaking through the decades

By Stephen Winer

On the Roads

It Happened One Night is part of a long tradition of American comedies on the move.

By Stephen Winer

The Freshman: Speedy Saves the Day! A Harold Lamb Adventure!

Silent comedy superstar Harold Lloyd played big dreamers; few were more determined to succeed than the college football player Harold Lamb.

By Stephen Winer

My Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Growing up with the epically zany, star-studded comedy.

By Stephen Winer

A Smile and a Tear

Charlie Chaplin’s comedy has a secret ingredient that has bound us to him forever.

By Stephen Winer

How to Film Jack Benny

Only Ernst Lubitsch got the great comedian to be as funny on the big screen as he was on the radio.

By Stephen Winer

Up in the Air with Harold Lloyd and His Followers

How the original comic everyman made us laugh and fear for his life.

By Stephen Winer

A Comedy of Murders: Chaplin, Monsieur Verdoux, and Black Comedy

When the world’s favorite comedian asked his audience to see him as a sociopathic serial killer, he was venturing where cinema had barely dared to tread.

By Stephen Winer

Letters from John: Getting to Know the Author of Anatomy of a Murder

The writer reflects on the decades-long creative collaboration and friendship between his father, playwright and television writer Elihu Winer, and John Voelker, judge and author.

By Stephen Winer