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Kim Morgan

Kim Morgan is a film writer and screenwriter whose work has appeared in Sight & Sound, L’Officiel, Filmmaker magazine, and the Los Angeles Review of Books and on the New Beverly Cinema’s blog as well as her own, Sunset Gun. She was the codirector of the 2014 Telluride Film Festival.

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Jean Arthur, the Nonconformist

A down-to-earth goddess of screwball, this Hollywood legend exuded a disarming mix of toughness and vulnerability, and made her mark as one of the most fiercely independent stars of her era.

By Kim Morgan

Design for Living: It Takes Three
Ernst Lubitsch’s Design for Living (1933) is what sexy should be—delightful, romantic, agonizing ecstasy. And it’s not just sexy but also revolutionary, daring, sweet, sour, cynical, carefree, poignant, and so far ahead of its time that one cou…

By Kim Morgan