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Chuck Klosterman

Chuck Klosterman is the author of Fargo Rock City: A Heavy Metal Odyssey in Rural North Dakota (2001), Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs (2003), Killing Yourself to Live: 85 Percent of a True Story (2005), Chuck Klosterman IV (2006), Downtown Owl (2008), Eating the Dinosaur (2009), and The Visible Man (2011). This piece originally appeared in the Criterion Collection’s 2006 DVD release of Dazed and Confused.

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Dazed and Confused: Not So Long Ago, But Very Far Away
I have watched Dazed and Confused approximately sixty-five times, and I have been stoned for approximately sixty-four of those viewings. At this point, it seems unfathomable to watch this movie without being high; in fact, it’s entirely possible th…

By Chuck Klosterman