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Adam Nayman

Adam Nayman is a critic, lecturer, and author in Toronto. He writes on film for the Ringer and Cinema Scope, and has written books on Showgirls, Ben Wheatley, the Coen brothers, Paul Thomas Anderson, and David Fincher.

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Deep Dives

All Aboard the Ghost Ship: Hiroshi Matsuno’s Folk Phantasmagoria The Living Skeleton

This underappreciated 1968 film is a feast of dark delights, filled with vengeful ghosts, psychically linked identical twins, obsessed mad scientists, creepy priests, and seemingly sentient skeletons.

By Adam Nayman

The Same Old Song: A Guide to Neonoir

Since its classic-Hollywood heyday, noir has remained a vibrant mode in both studio and independent filmmaking, taking on nostalgic resonances in the highly referential work of Robert Altman, Arthur Penn, Brian De Palma, and the Coen brothers.

By Adam Nayman

Carry That Weight: The Films of Atom Egoyan

The Canadian auteur’s fanatically elaborate puzzle-box narratives invite the audience to discover their hidden meanings and bear the psychological burdens of their characters.

By Adam Nayman

King of Canada
I didn’t know quite what to say to Allan King when I met him for the first time in the fall of 2003 at his home offices in downtown Toronto. This was partly out of deference to his reputation as one of Canada’s most eminent filmmakers—the man w…

By Adam Nayman