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Mark Rappaport

Mark Rappaport is a filmmaker and writer. His films include Rock Hudson’s Home Movies and From the Journals of Jean Seberg. He is a regular contributor to the French film magazine Trafic, edited by Raymond Bellour. A collection of his writings, Le spectateur qui en savait trop (The Moviegoer Who Knew Too Much), was published in France in 2008. He lives in Paris.

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Senso and Sensibility
Melodrama has a bad reputation because it has been abandoned to schematic and conventional interpretation. —Luchino ViscontiSenso, Luchino Visconti’s extraordinarily lush 1954 movie, was never truly released in America. Even though an American …

By Mark Rappaport

The Sirk-Hudson Connection
It’s a clichéd truism that moviemaking is a collaborative art. Of course it is, and there are dozens, if not hundreds, of examples of directors working time and again with the same crew members, trusted writers, cameramen, production designers, ed…

By Mark Rappaport