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Annette Insdorf

Annette Insdorf, author of François Truffaut and Indelible Shadows: Films and the Holocaust, directs undergraduate film studies at Columbia University.

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The 400 Blows: Close to Home
François Truffaut’s first feature, The 400 Blows (Les Quatre cents coups), was more than a semi-autobiographical film; it was also an elaboration of what the French New Wave directors would embrace as the caméra-stylo (camera-as-pen) whose écrit…

By Annette Insdorf

The Night Porter
The Night Porter is a provocative and problematic film. Made in 1974 by Italian director Liliana Cavani, it can be seen as an exercise in perversion and exploitation of the Holocaust for the sake of sensationalism. On the other hand, a closer reading…

By Annette Insdorf