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Dudley Andrew

Dudley Andrew, professor of film and comparative literature at Yale and author of What Cinema Is!, is the biographer of André Bazin and has written two books on French cinema and culture of the 1930s. He has also written on Kenji Mizoguchi and other masters in Film in the Aura of Art.

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The Story of the Last Chrysanthemum: A Cineaste’s Performance

Kenji Mizoguchi achieved the sublime with this structurally complex portrait of artistic ambition and female subjugation.

By Dudley Andrew

Breathless Then and Now

Other first films exude the sparkling joy of filmmaking that one feels in Breathless, but how many can boast its sure-handedness?

By Dudley Andrew

The Romance of Children of Paradise

Marcel Carné’s theatrical spectacle set in early nineteenth-century Paris is an operatic work about passion and artifice.

By Dudley Andrew