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Bertrand Tavernier

Director and writer Bertrand Tavernier’s latest film is My Journey Through French Cinema. He is the author of 50 ans de cinéma américain (with Jean-Pierre Coursodon); Amis américains, entretiens avec les grands auteurs d’Hollywood, a collection of his 1960s interviews with Hollywood directors; and La guerre sans nom: Les appelés d’Algérie (with Patrick Rotman), and is a frequent contributor to La croix, Positif, and Film Comment.

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Jean-Pierre Melville, My Father in the Art

Veteran French director Bertrand Tavernier reflects on how one of his greatest mentors fused two seemingly contradictory influences—that of the Resistance and of American genre filmmaking—into a remarkably cohesive body of work.

By Bertrand Tavernier

Make Way for Tomorrow: We Laugh, and Our Hearts Ache
Like many other French cinephiles, I discovered Make Way for Tomorrow relatively late, although we had been interested in Leo McCarey for years. We had hunted down his Laurel and Hardy pictures, adored Duck Soup, the best of the Marx Brothers films, …

By Bertrand Tavernier

Classe tous risques: Beautiful Friendships
Ihave a particular, even personal, relationship with this film. I experienced a shock of discovery when I first saw it and felt driven to write my first review about it. It was a short article, as the editor had requested, and probably superficial—…

By Bertrand Tavernier