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Roberto Chiesi

Roberto Chiesi is cultural director of the Centro Studi—Archivio Pier Paolo Pasolini at the Cineteca di Bologna and a film critic for the Italian magazines Cineforum and Segnocinema. This piece originally appeared in the Criterion Collection’s 2008 DVD edition of Saló.

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Salò: The Present as Hell

“In the trilogy, I evoked the ghosts of characters from my earlier, realist films. Not to denounce them, obviously, but out of such a violent love for ‘lost time’ that it came out not as a condemnation of one particular human condition but of e

By Roberto Chiesi

Mafioso: The Octopus’s Tentacles

Francesco Rosi’s film is a painstakingly documented reconstruction of the nefarious relationships between the Mafia, banditry, and economic and political power in Sicily between 1943 and 1950.

By Roberto Chiesi