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Chris Darke

Chris Darke is a writer and film critic based in London. His work has appeared in Film Comment, Sight & Sound, Trafic, and the Independent. He is also the author of Light Readings: Film Criticism and Screen Arts, a monograph on Godard’s Alphaville, and Cannes: Inside the World’s Premier Film Festival (with Kieron Corless). He has directed occasional works, including a video portrait of Chris Marker for Criterion’s release of Marker’s La Jetée and Sans Soleil.

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Hunger: On the Threshold
The feature film debut of British artist Steve McQueen, Hunger dramatizes the final weeks in the life of Irish Republican Army commander Bobby Sands and his death by hunger strike, aged twenty-seven, in 1981. Combining intense formal control and extr…

By Chris Darke

Vagabond: Freedom and Dirt
Funny how certain films come back to haunt you. I was a student in late 1980s London when I first saw Sans toit ni loi, and I remember liking everything about it. The terse English title Vagabond. The poster image of Sandrine Bonnaire with windswept …

By Chris Darke