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Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert is the film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times.

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The Rock

The Rock is a first-rate, slam-bang action thriller with a lot of style and no little humor. It’s made out of pieces of other movies, yes, but each element has been lovingly polished to a gloss. And there are three skillful performances: Sean Conne

By Roger Ebert

Do the Right Thing

Empathy and evenhandedness are at the center of Spike Lee’s work, and yet they are invisible to many of his viewers and critics.

By Roger Ebert

For many years now, one legendary film has appeared on every list of fine movies that are missing from distribution and home video. That film is Nicolas Roeg’s Walkabout, the 1971 drama about a fourteen-year-old girl and her little brother, who are…

By Roger Ebert