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Kenneth Turan

Kenneth Turan is film critic for the Los Angeles Times and National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, as well as the director of the Times Book Prizes. His latest books are Never Coming to a Theater Near You and Now in Theaters Everywhere.

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The Hours and Times: Kurosawa and the Art of Epic Storytelling

The great German composer Richard Strauss was conducting his three-hour-plus Der Rosenkavalier when—or so the story goes—he turned to his concertmaster and said, “My, this is a long opera.”

“But maestro,” the man replied, aghast, “yo

By Kenneth Turan

Howards End: All Is Grace
Who speaks of Howards End these days? Who expounds on the virtues of this magnificent drama, whose traditional style seems almost as distant as its Edwardian setting? Seen today, years past its 1992 release, it strikes one as not only the ultimate ac…

By Kenneth Turan

Fanfan la Tulipe: En Garde!

To see the gorgeous Fanfan la Tulipe is to go back in time twice over: to the film’s eighteenth-century French setting and to the international cinema world of more than fifty years ago, when this genial action farce was initially released.

By Kenneth Turan

For as long as images have flickered on a screen, romance has been the ever-beating heart of the filmgoing experience, and audiences never seem to tire of seeing lovers in each other’s arms. Yet when it comes to the most concentrated form of passio…

By Kenneth Turan