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Charles Dennis

Charles Dennis is an actor, playwright, and author of two books on Hollywood, Talent and The Dealmakers. His new play, A High Class Sort of Heel, is based on the life of George Sanders.

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The Importance of Being Earnest
It’s been a little over a century since Oscar Wilde celebrated the opening season The Importance of Being Earnest in court, on trial for homosexual behavior. The scandal of Wilde’s “indecent acts” forced the smash play to close early in its r…

By Charles Dennis

Three Cases of Murder

Three Cases of Murder is of most interest to American audiences for Orson Welles’s flamboyant and bravura performance as Lord Mountdrago. However, it’s equally important as a showcase for Wendy Toye, one of Britain’s first female directors, and

By Charles Dennis

Letter from an Unknown Woman

If Max Ophuls hadn’t cooled his heels in Hollywood to flee the Nazis, his name might have conjured only the most unintelligible of foreign cinema—vague and inaccessible to the average American filmgoer. But in 1948 Ophuls was given an opportunity

By Charles Dennis