Wrong Men & Notorious Women: Five Hitchcock Thrillers 1935–1946

Wrong Men & Notorious Women: Five Hitchcock Thrillers 1935–1946

Wrong Men & Notorious Women: Five Hitchcock Thrillers 1935–1946 (Criterion DVD)

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A supreme technician and innovative stylist, Alfred Hitchcock always left his indelible stamp on his productions. From the wit, romance, and fast-paced action of the 1930s British-made thrillers The 39 Steps and The Lady Vanishes to the bittersweet blend of lush romance and spy thriller in the 1946 Hollywood production Notorious, Hitchcock continually flaunted a peerless formal mastery as he capitalized on a wide variety of genres. In the 1940 Academy Award–winning Rebecca and 1945 psychoanalytic thriller Spellbound, Hitchcock also proved himself a keen surveyor of the human mind, incisively exploring the psychology of fear and sexual repression within the context of films that entertained audiences of the day and ensured that his career would be one of the most illustrious in the history of cinema.

Starring Robert Donat, Madeleine Carroll, Michael Redgrave, Margaret Lockwood, Joan Fontaine, Laurence Olivier, Ingrid Bergman, Gregory Peck, Claude Rains, and Cary Grant, these five acclaimed films bridge Hitchcock’s early British masterworks to his triumphant American collaborations with producer David O. Selznick, and present the legendary director at his unparalleled best, creating films which are exemplars of suspense and cinematic virtuosity.

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The 39 Steps box cover

The 39 Steps

Alfred Hitchcock 1935

A heart-racing spy story by Alfred Hitchcock, The 39 Steps follows Richard Hannay (Robert Donat) as he stumbles upon a conspiracy that thrusts him into a hectic chase across the Scottish moors.

The Lady Vanishes box cover

The Lady Vanishes

Alfred Hitchcock 1938

In Alfred Hitchcock’s most quick-witted and devilish comic thriller, a young woman finds herself drawn into a complex web of mystery and high adventure while traveling across Europe by train. The Lady Vanishes remains one of the master filmmaker’s purest delights.

Rebecca box cover


Alfred Hitchcock 1940

Romance becomes psychodrama in Alfred Hitchcock’s elegantly crafted Rebecca, his first foray into Hollywood filmmaking.

Spellbound box cover


Alfred Hitchcock 1945

When the mysterious Dr. Anthony Edwardes (Gregory Peck) becomes the new chief of staff at her institution, the bookish and detached Dr. Constance Petersen (Ingrid Bergman) plummets into a whirlwind of tangled identities and feverish psychoanalysis. Spellbound is classic Hitchcock.

Notorious box cover


Alfred Hitchcock 1946

In Hitchcock’s Notorious, a beautiful woman with a tainted past (Ingrid Bergman) is enlisted by American agent Devlin (Cary Grant) to spy on a ring of Nazis in post-war Rio. Her espionage work becomes life-threatening after she marries the most debonair of the Nazi ring, Alex (Claude Rains).


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