Dietrich & von Sternberg in Hollywood

Dietrich & von Sternberg in Hollywood

Dietrich & von Sternberg in Hollywood (Criterion Blu-Ray)

3 Jul 2018

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Tasked by studio executives with finding the next great screen siren, visionary Hollywood director Josef von Sternberg joined forces with rising German actor Marlene Dietrich, kicking off what would become one of the most legendary partnerships in cinema history. Over the course of six films produced by Paramount in the 1930s, the pair refined their shared fantasy of pleasure, beauty, and excess. Dietrich’s coolly transgressive mystique was a perfect match for the provocative roles von Sternberg cast her in—including a sultry chanteuse, a cunning spy, and the hedonistic Catherine the Great—and the filmmaker captured her allure with chiaroscuro lighting and opulent design, conjuring fever-dream visions of exotic settings from Morocco to Shanghai. Suffused with frank sexuality and worldly irony, these deliriously entertaining masterpieces are landmarks of cinematic artifice.

Collector’s Set Includes

Morocco box cover


Josef von Sternberg 1930

With this romantic reverie, Marlene Dietrich made her triumphant debut before American audiences and unveiled the enthralling, insouciant persona that would define her Hollywood collaboration with director Josef von Sternberg.

Dishonored box cover


Josef von Sternberg 1931

Reimagining his native Vienna with customary extravagance, von Sternberg stages this story of spycraft as a captivating masquerade in which no one is who they seem and death is only a wrong note away.

Shanghai Express box cover

Shanghai Express

Josef von Sternberg 1932

An intoxicating mix of adventure, romance, and pre-Code salaciousness, Shanghai Express is a triumph of studio filmmaking and a testament to the mythic power of Hollywood glamour.

Blonde Venus box cover

Blonde Venus

Josef von Sternberg 1932

Josef von Sternberg returned Marlene Dietrich to the stage in Blonde Venus, both a glittering spectacle and a sweeping melodrama about motherly devotion.

The Scarlet Empress box cover

The Scarlet Empress

Josef von Sternberg 1934

Marlene Dietrich stars in Josef von Sternberg’s feverishly debauched biopic as the spoiled princess Sophia Frederica, who grows up being groomed for greatness and yearning for a handsome husband.

The Devil Is a Woman box cover

The Devil Is a Woman

Josef von Sternberg 1935

Josef von Sternberg and Marlene Dietrich went out with a bang in their final film together, The Devil Is a Woman, a surreal tale of erotic passion and danger set amid the tumult of carnival in turn-of-the-twentieth-century Spain.

Disc Features

  • New 2K or 4K digital restorations of all six films, with uncompressed monaural soundtracks on the Blu-rays
  • New interviews with film scholars Janet Bergstrom and Homay King; director Josef von Sternberg’s son, Nicholas; Deutsche Kinemathek curator Silke Ronneburg; and costume designer and historian Deborah Nadoolman Landis
  • New documentary about actor Marlene Dietrich’s German origins, featuring film scholars Gerd Gemünden and Noah Isenberg
  • New documentary on Dietrich’s status as a feminist icon, featuring film scholars Mary Desjardins, Amy Lawrence, and Patricia White
  • The Legionnaire and the Lady, a 1936 Lux Radio Theatre adaptation of Morocco, featuring Dietrich and actor Clark Gable
  • New video essay by critics Cristina Álvarez López and Adrian Martin
  • The Fashion Side of Hollywood, a 1935 publicity short featuring Dietrich and costume designer Travis Banton
  • Television interview with Dietrich from 1971
  • PLUS: A book featuring essays by critics Imogen Sara Smith, Gary Giddins, and Farran Smith Nehme

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Dietrich & von Sternberg in Hollywood (Criterion DVD)

3 Jul 2018

DVD Collector's Set

6 Discs

SRP: $124.95

Criterion Store price:$99.96


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