Palme d'Or Top 5

by FG

Created 08/07/12

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1)Pulp Fiction(Quentin Tarantino)-1994
2)The White Ribbon(Michael Haneke)-2009
3)Dancer in the Dark(Lars von Trier)-2000
4)Taste of Cherry(Abbas Kiarostami)-1997
5)Eternity and a Day(Theo Angelopoulos)-1998
6)Apocalypse Now(Francis Ford Coppola)-1979
7)The Tree of Life(Terrence Malick)-2011
8)The Leopard(Luchino Visconti)-1963
9)Amour(Michael Haneke)-2012
10)Yol(Yılmaz Güney)-1982
11)The Pianist(Roman Polanski)-2002
12)La Dolce Vita(Federico Fellini)-1960
13)Underground(Emir Kusturica)-1995
14)Secrets & Lies(Mike Leigh)-1996
15)Viridiana(Luis Bunuel)-1961
16)Taxi Driver(Martin Scorsese)-1976
17)Rosetta(Dardenne brothers)-1999
18)Pather Panchali(Satyajit Ray)-1956
19)Barton Fink(Coen brothers)-1991
21)4 Months,3 Weeks and 2 Days(Cristian Mungiu)-2007
22)Blue Is the Warmest Color(Abdellatif Kechiche)-2013
23)The Wind That Shakes the Barley(Ken Loach)-2006
24)The Child(Dardenne brothers)-2005
25)Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives(Apichatpong Weerasethakul)-2010
26)The Cranes Are Flying(Mikhail Kalatozov)-1958

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