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Created 08/04/12

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it is quite impossible for me to explain what i may see or feel in a film that really latches onto me and makes it one of my personal favorites. one thing i notice when i stare at my massive film collection against my bedroom wall is variety. i enjoy masterful art films of bergman, kurosawa, tarkovsky. and in a much different way i enjoy a film by h.g. lewis, or dario argento. well, i can go on.. ill spare u.. im sure u may find a film in my list that has impacted u too.. a note: it was very hard for me to narrow down my list, and pick favorites. for example, brian depalma is one of my favorite film makers.. so although i will include Blow Out, i also enjoy Sisters, Body Double, Dressed to Kill equally as much.. i chose to only include 1 film by my favorite directors.

  • i first discovered this incredible film in my early 20s... i dont think i have ever connected as much to both main characters more than i did with Withnail and I... anxious, shy, confident, angry, lost, alienated, dazed, validated. i have watched it upwards of 50 times

  • robert mitchum! and how gorgeous is this movie?!

  • im deep in the cult of depalma.. this one, and Body Double have always stood out to me.. from the fake horror movie beginning, to the restless moving camera.. no one besides hitchcock can tell a story with just the camera better

  • i love almost all of kurosawa's films.. a true master of the field. these 2 are at the top of my list of his wonderful films

  • my fav godard... when she sings.. i feel.... great

  • i could watch werner herzog do anything, and be fascinated.. he is my favorite film maker. i own all of his movies, aside from 2 or 3, and am always fascinated. the only thing that bothers me is the lack of Herzog films released by Criterion. we get ben button and bay (although i do enjoy The Rock), but no Herzog?

  • fav chaplin.. ive never laughed so hard as when he goes nuts in the factory

  • no explaination needed

  • albert finney..... i could argue this is one of the greatest performances of all time

  • yes! although i am cheating with this pick, sense i own a regular release copy and not the out of print one which i would love! (seldom, i will purchase a film in the collection if it isnt essential for me to own the better version; rushmore, spinal tap etc.. films that are otherwise found frequently and cheaply, but i NEED the criterion version of this) otherwise i ALWAYS spend the xtra cash and indulge with the better, more expansive and informative criterions.. damn, Repulsion is another inferior copy i own. i shall do something about that.

  • i discovered this film early in my cinematic adventures.. and the impact has stayed with me.. what a great performance by ben. so charming and spontaniously violent. never sentimental, never tells u too much about motives or reasons. just a pure cinematic experience, and the documentary style impacts it greatly (especially considering i saw this when i was younger... ) leading us to feel as if we are trapped merclessly as views, even enablers sense the camera seems to fuel bens outbursts

  • i grew up on punk music (real punk music, like black flag and the misfits and germs.. when punk was a way of thinking and living, before it had to have the generic sound of fast chord progression and whiny teen-angst ridden vocals).. and i have an addiction to odd cinema like jarman, russel, jodorowsky.. speaking of which, how about a juicy early russel releases? jodorowskys gems are much easier attainable

  • peter o'toole is quite possibly the greatest actor of all time...... "oh my god!"....."yes?" this might b one of the most hysterical films in history. The electricity shooting "god!"... the unparralled physical movements and line deliverys of O'toole!

  • oh that von trier.. not my fav film by him, close, but it doesnt matter. pickin a fav von trier movie is like picking a favorite car accident you had. love the others on here, and would love to see the unbelievable Dogville on here. i would also put on Element of Crime on here, especially for the great documentary that is included

  • i LOVE Polanski!!!!!!!!!!! all of his films up until the early 80s and then some deserve to b on this list. glad to see Cul de sac, Repulsion and finaly Rosmarys baby.. hopefuly the under appreciated The Tenant on here. film for film, polanski ranks amoung my favorite

  • my fav of this trilogy... i love most all bergman films. he fascinates me

  • wow.. tarkovsky is a trip. a long, maddening trip. would also list Andrei Rublev

  • i love soderbergh.. my favorite film of his is actually The limey!!!!!!

  • the films from wilder, huston, ford and welles from the 40s and 50s are the greatest films in cinema.. this is one of my favorite wilder films

  • unbelievable great. veronika voss is so mysterious. like a 50's noir, much more unique. the first i saw was maria braun. it had me hooked from the terrrific explosive begining to the perfect ending

  • i cried... just heart warming, heart breaking and beautiful... what happened to Hallstrom?(dear john!?)

  • my favorite ray film. and i LOVE james mason. and the incredible use of color and camera angles with the Bigger than Life performance!

  • i love all nic roeg films. this was the first ive seen, and possibly my favorite. it doesnt hurt david bowie is in it, who by the way is my favorite musician ever!!!! (well, tied with lou reed and steven malkmus),,, em all, glad to see the underrated insignificance make it on the list... eureka would b a good release. that one took me a while and a few viewings to fall inlove with, and now im hooked.

  • mesmorizing. found this early into my cinematic adventures and it rocked my world. odd, u would think if any of the great american mavericks had a wide variety released by criterion, it would be robert altman. glad for what u have released, cause aside from those, i was only able to find 4 or 5 others of his on dvd/blu-ray

  • oh that fuller. im partial to this, but i equally enjoy pickup on south street

  • peckinpah is an animal. incredible look, great performances, and such a menacing tension.... please release Bring me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, my absolute fav peckinpah film!

  • cronenberg is one of a kind. and one of my favorite kind. this is equal to me with Naked lunch, Dead Ringers and his recent masterpiece Eastern Promises

  • the most beautiful film ive seen

  • grew up on punk music, exstravagant visuals and an incredible performance by gary oldman

  • it was a toss up to add this, or brazil. love gilliam. i chose this simply for john cleese's "hood"

  • chilling. a perfect thriller. and an incredible character study. opposites. yet so similaur

  • absolutley hilarious. my favorite is the 2 part with dennis hopper


  • By DUDElaundrey
    August 22, 2012
    07:22 PM

    oh, and plus about 100 others
  • By Sleestak
    November 25, 2012
    12:23 AM

    Solaris and Videodrome? Caligula-Bob spares you his wrath! Nice list!

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