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Stanley Kubrick

Spartacus (Criterion DVD)


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  • United States
  • 1960
  • 196 minutes
  • Color
  • 2.35:1
  • English
  • Spine #105

Stanley Kubrick directed a cast of screen legends—including Kirk Douglas as the indomitable gladiator that led a Roman slave revolt—in the sweeping epic that defined a genre and ushered in a new Hollywood era. The assured acting, lush Technicolor cinematography, bold costumes, and visceral fight sequences won Spartacus four Oscars; the blend of politics and sexual suggestion scandalized audiences. Today Kubrick’s controversial classic, the first film to openly defy Hollywood’s blacklist, remains a landmark of cinematic artistry and history.


SpartacusKirk Douglas
Marcus Licinius CrassusLaurence Olivier
VariniaJean Simmons
Sempronius GracchusCharles Laughton
Lentulus BatiatusPeter Ustinov
Julius CaesarJohn Gavin
AntoninusTony Curtis
Helena GlabrusNIna Foch
Tigranes LevantusHerbert Lom
CrixusJohn Ireland
Marcus Publius GlabrusJohn Dall
MarcellusCharles McGraw
DrabaWoody Strode
Claudia MariusJoanna Barnes


DirectorStanley Kubrick
Based on the novel byHoward Fast
ScreenplayDalton Trumbo
ProducerEdward Lewis
CinematographyRussell Metty
EditingRobert Lawrence
Executive producerKirk Douglas
MusicAlex North
Main title designed bySaul Bass
Production designAlexander Golitzen
Art directionEric Orbom
Set decorationRussell A. Gausman and Julia Heron

Disc Features


  • Stunning new 16×9 transfer of the 1991 fully restored Super Technirama version
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 surround soundtrack
  • Audio commentary by producer-actor Kirk Douglas, actor Peter Ustinov, novelist Howard Fast, producer Edward Lewis, restoration expert Robert A. Harris, and designer Saul Bass
  • Screenwriter Dalton Trumbo’s scene-by-scene analysis
  • Restoration demonstration
  • Rare deleted scenes
  • Vintage newsreel footage
  • 1960 promotional interviews with Jean Simmons and Peter Ustinov
  • 1992 video interview with Peter Ustinov
  • Behind-the-scenes “gladiatorial school” footage
  • The 1960 documentary The Hollywood Ten, plus archival documents about the blacklist
  • Original storyboards by Saul Bass
  • Hundreds of production stills, lobby cards, posters, print ads, and a comic book
  • Sketches by director Stanley Kubrick
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • Additional Alex North score compositions
  • English subtitles for the deaf and hearing impaired

    Cover based on a theatrical poster by Saul Bass

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