Zéro de conduite Film Still

Zéro de conduite

Jean Vigo

  • France
  • 1933
  • 44 minutes
  • Black and White
  • 1.19:1
  • French

So effervescent and charming that one can easily forget its importance in film history, Jean Vigo’s enormously influential portrait of prankish boarding-school students is one of cinema’s great acts of rebellion. Based on the director’s own experiences as a youth, Zéro de conduite presents childhood as a time of unfettered imagination and brazen rule-flouting. It’s a sweet-natured vision of sabotage made vivid by dynamic visual experiments—including the famous, blissful slow-motion pillow fight.



DirectorJean Vigo
ScreenplayJean Vigo
CollaboratorsAlbert Riéra, Henri Storck and Pierre Merle
Director of photographyBoris Kaufman
Operator assistantLouis Berger
Dialogue byCharles Goldblatt
MusicMaurice Jaubert
EditingJean Vigo


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