I am interested in film, music, literature, world history, and politics. Note that what is listed below as my "collection" includes only those Criterion films which I own (and in their Criterion editions); were I to include all of those I have seen, the number would be considerably greater.

  • Favorite director: Stanley Kubrick; Orson Welles; Ingmar Bergman; Andrei Tarkovsky; Francis Ford Coppola
  • Favorite Criterion edition: Seven Samurai
  • Most wanted in the collection: Pastoral Hide and Seek; A City of Sadness; Love Exposure

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    Latest Addition:

    Dekalog by Krzysztof Kieślowski

    • Black Narcissus (Criterion Blu-Ray)
    • It Happened One Night (Criterion Blu-Ray)
    • A Brighter Summer Day (Criterion DVD)
    • Safe (Criterion Blu-Ray)
    • Persona (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)


    • The Lady Eve (Criterion DVD)
    • Being John Malkovich (Criterion DVD)


    • Nashville (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)


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