Joseph Galloway

I have loved watching movies ever since I was a toddler still trying to learn to speak. Movies was a way for me to learn how the world communicates and be entertained at the same time. I love how movies can make someone feel and the lasting affect it can have. Ever since I discovered the Criterion Collection I've gotten the chance to discover films I would have otherwise never heard of. It's great that they take the time to make an old 1930's movie look and sound as if it was released today, and I totally appreciate the time and effort that is put into it. These films should never be forgotten. They tell us of the times that have gone by as well as what techniques have been used in future films. We can't always live in the past, but thanks to Criterion it's at least an enjoyable one.

  • Favorite director: Wes Anderson
  • Favorite Criterion edition: Fantastic Mr. Fox
  • Most wanted in the collection: The Great Dictator
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    Westfront 1918 by G. W. Pabst



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