I have been a big supporter and collector of the Criterion Collection since a few years ago, when I bought Weekend, and feel in love with all of it, Criterion and the movie. I grew up watching tons of films, and truly fell in love with them after seeing Doubt, and realizing everything a film could truly be. My favorite actress is Angela Lansbury and I'm so ecstatic and proud to have the Criterion edition of Manchurian Candidate sitting on my shelf. I would love to see Tommy get added to the collection, not only because I love the film, but because it's the first, and one could argue most successful, time that a album was turned into a film. It's was a daring move, but Ken Russel pulled it off, the acting was great, and the musical sequences were incredible. Plus I just dream about all the bonus features, such as interviews, and behind the scenes stuff, and even more. They Shoot Horses Don't they is a close second, because I think it's a great, and important film, and it's sooo hard to come by.

  • Favorite director: John Cameron Mitchell
  • Favorite Criterion edition: The Before Trilogy
  • Most wanted in the collection: Tommy and They Shoot Horses Don't They
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