Nando’s Collection (3)

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  • Persona (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)




    Ingmar Bergman

    Nando: “A phillosophical concept movie involving great imagery, script and leadings. Odd, rare but with beauty.”

    Dual Format Blu-ray/DVD Spine #701 Learn more »
  • Meantime (Criterion Blu-Ray)




    Mike Leigh

    Nando: “The lives of a disfunctional family living in project houses includes 2 brothers. 1 with special issue and a sarcastic mf. In the early 80's London.”

    Blu-Ray Spine #890 Learn more »
  • 4 by Agnès Varda (Criterion DVD)



    4 by Agnès Varda

    Agnès Varda

    Nando: “A misleading confused young woman wanders without destiny in the winter. Looking for nothing but the casualties that stumbles upon her ..confused”

    DVD Spine #418 Learn more »