As I child I saw many Classic movies on afternoon TV on local Los Angeles TV Stations. Like anyone else with exposure to these films, I quickly grew to love them. I was "all in" with every tear-jerker and every action movie. When Rick told Ilsa to go away with Victor, I was stunned in disbelief. When Sgt York was mowing down enemies I was jumping up and down. I can only watch Laurel and Hardy when everyone in the house is awake because of huge laughs. My favorite actresses are Joan Crawford and Judy Garland. My favorite actors are Yul Brynner and Dana Andrews. Nowadays one of my sons knows more about films and directors than me. It is a joy to discover different films through him. He pointed me to Criterion.

  • Favorite director: Akira Kurosawa
  • Favorite Criterion edition: Mildred Pierce
  • Most wanted in the collection: Joan Crawford in "Possessed" 1947 AND select NFL Films Specials with vivid cinematography.
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