I'm an art student who is film obsessed, almost to a fault. I one day hope of directing feature films, but we'll just see where life takes me. Ever since I was 12 and saw "La Strada" for the first time, I've become a Criterion fan and always follow their releases and buy as much as I can. That's pretty much it. Not much to talk about.

  • Favorite director: Please don't make me choose...
  • Favorite Criterion edition: The Rules of the Game
  • Most wanted in the collection: Alice (Jan Svankmajer film); Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?; Stalker; Anything by Mike Leigh; Where the Wild Things Are; The Truman Show; The Decalouge; Anything by Werner Herzog; The Cook, the Thief, his Wife, her Lover; Waking Life; ......and lots of o

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Eisenstein: The Sound Years by Sergei Eisenstein



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