Raymond Bernard

Wooden Crosses

Wooden Crosses

Hailed by the New York Times on its Paris release as "one of the great films in motion picture history," Raymond Bernard's Wooden Crosses, France's answer to All Quiet on the Western Front, still stuns with its depiction of the travails of one French regiment during World War I. Using a masterful arsenal of film techniques, from haunting matte paintings to jarring documentary-like camerawork in the film's battle sequences, Bernard created a pacifist work of enormous empathy and chilling despair. No one who has ever seen this technical and emotional powerhouse has been able to forget it.

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Eclipse Series 4: Raymond Bernard

Eclipse 4: Raymond Bernard

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Wooden Crosses
Pierre Blanchar
Gilbert Demachy
Gabriel Gabrio
Charles Vanel
Caporal Bréval
Raymond Aimos
Antonin Artaud
Paul Azais
René Bergeron
Raymond Cordy
Raymond Bernard
André Lang
Based on the novel by
Roland Dorgelès
Jules Kruger
René Ribault
Art direction
Jean Perrier
Lucien Grumberg

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Eclipse Series 4: Raymond Bernard

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