Bo Widerberg

The Baby Carriage

The Baby Carriage

Infused with a jazzy, nouvelle vague–inspired energy, Bo Widerberg’s feature debut has the freshness of youth. Building on his film criticism’s call for a socially relevant Swedish cinema, the writer turned director offers a vivid portrait of a young factory worker (Inger Taube) finding her way toward independence as she weathers unexpected pregnancy, learns hard lessons from relationships with two very different men, and leaves behind the only home she has ever known. Abetted by fellow filmmaker Jan Troell’s coolly beautiful monochrome cinematography, Widerberg takes a bold first step in his mission to create a cinema that is both engaged and engaging.

Film Info

  • Sweden
  • 1963
  • 95 minutes
  • Black & White
  • 1.33:1
  • Swedish

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Bo Widerberg’s New Swedish Cinema

Bo Widerberg’s New Swedish Cinema

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The Baby Carriage
Inger Taube
Britt Larsson
Tommy Berggren
Lars Passgård
Ulla Akselson
Britt’s mother
Lena Brundin
Britt’s workmate
Stig Torstensson
Gunnar Öhlund
Britt’s father
Bill Jönsson
Britt’s kid brother
Nina Widerberg
Bo Widerberg
Written by
Bo Widerberg
Cinematography by
Jan Troell
Music by
Jan Johansson
Sound by
Sven Rydh
Sound by
Gert Palmcrantz
Editing by
Wic’ Kjellin
Art direction by
Gunnar Frieberg


Bo Widerberg’s New Swedish Cinema: Another Sweden
Bo Widerberg’s New Swedish Cinema: Another Sweden

While frequently drawing from the depths of his private life, the writer-director also sought to shake Swedish cinema out of a state of complacency by engaging with the country’s turbulent social landscape.

By Peter Cowie