Ishiro Honda

Destroy All Monsters

Destroy All Monsters

The original Godzilla team of director Ishiro Honda, special-effects supervisor Eiji Tsuburaya, and composer Akira Ifukube reunited for this kaiju extravaganza, which features no fewer than eleven monsters. Set in the remote future of 1999, when the people of Earth have achieved world peace by confining destructive creatures to Monsterland (until an alien race intervenes), Destroy All Monsters mounts a thrilling display of innovative action sequences and memorable images that have made it a favorite for generations of viewers.

New cover illustration by Sophie Campbell

Film Info

  • Japan
  • 1968
  • 89 minutes
  • Color
  • 2.35:1
  • Japanese

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Godzilla: The Showa-Era Films, 1954–1975

Godzilla: The Showa-Era Films, 1954–1975

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Destroy All Monsters
Akira Kubo
Katsuo Yamabe
Yukiko Kobayashi
Kyoko Manabe
Kyoko Ai
Queen of the Kilaaks
Kenji Sahara
Yoshio Tsuchiya
Dr. Otani
Jun Tazaki
Dr. Yoshido
Andrew Hughes
Dr. Stevenson
Chotaro Togin
Yoshibumi Tajima
General Sugiyama
Ishiro Honda
Tomoyuki Tanaka
Ishiro Honda
Kaoru Mabuchi
Director of photography
Taiichi Kankura
Art director
Takeo Kita
Akira Ifukube
Ryohei Fujii
Special-effects supervisor
Eiji Tsuburaya
Special-effects director
Sadamasa Arikawa
Special-effects photography
Mototaka Tomioka
Special-effects photography
Yoichi Manoda
Special-effects art director
Yasuyuki Inoue
Special-effects wirework
Fumio Nakadai