Kameradschaft Kameradschaft


G. W. Pabst

Kameradschaft (Criterion Blu-Ray)

30 Jan 2018


1 Disc

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  • Germany
  • 1931
  • 88 minutes
  • Black and White
  • 1.19:1
  • French, German
  • Spine #908

When a coal mine collapses on the frontier between Germany and France and traps a team of French miners, workers on both sides of the border spring into action, putting aside national prejudices and wartime grudges to launch a dangerous rescue operation. Director G. W. Pabst brings a vivid sense of claustrophobia to this ticking-clock scenario, using realistic sets and sound design to create the maze of soot-choked shafts where the miners struggle for survival. Inspired by a real-life mine collapse, Kameradschaft (Comradeship) is an arresting disaster film and a stirring plea for international cooperation, and it cemented Pabst’s status as one of the most morally engaged and formally dexterous filmmakers of his time.


KasperAlexander Granach
WildererFritz Kampers
Jean LeclercDaniel Mendaille
WittkoppErnst Busch
Anna WittkoppElisabeth Wendt
KaplanGustav Püttjer
Mine foremanOskar Höcker
Rose, Albert’s wifeHéléna Manson
Françoise LeclercAndrée Ducret
Grandfather JacquesAlex Bernard
Georges, his grandsonPierre-Louis
EmileGeorges Charlia
Engineer VidalGeorges Tourreil
AlbertMarcel Lesieur
German mine directorFritz Wendhausen


DirectorG. W. Pabst
Screenplay byLadislaus Vajda, Peter Martin Lampel and Herbert Rappaport
ScreenplayKarl Otten and Anna Gmeyner
French dialogueLéon Werth
From the story by Karl Otten
Director of photographyFritz Arno Wagner
Music byG. von Rigelius
Edited byJean Oser
Set designErnö Metzner
SoundAdolf Jansen
Assistant directorsHerbert Rappaport and Robert Beaudoin
Produced bySeymour Nebenzal

Disc Features

  • 2K digital restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray
  • New interview with film scholar Hermann Barth on the film’s production
  • Interview from 1988 with editor Jean Oser, featuring footage from the French version of the film
  • Interview from 2016 with film scholar Jan-Christopher Horak on the historical context of the film
  • New English subtitle translation
  • PLUS: An essay by author and critic Luc Sante and the 1930 text by Karl Otten that the film was based on

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