Satyajit Ray

The Home and the World

The Home and the World

Both a romantic-triangle tale and a philosophical take on violence in times of revolution, The Home and the World, set in early twentieth-century Bengal, concerns an aristocratic but progressive man who, in insisting on broadening his more traditional wife’s political horizons, drives her into the arms of his radical school chum. Satyajit Ray had wanted to adapt Rabindranath Tagore’s classic novel to the screen for decades. When he finally did in 1984, he fashioned a personal, exquisite film that stands as a testament to his lifelong love for the great writer.

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Eclipse Series 40: Late Ray

Eclipse Series 40: Late Ray

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The Home and the World
Soumitra Chatterjee
Sandip Mukherjee
Victor Banerjee
Nikhilesh “Nikhil” Choudhury
Swatilekha Chatterjee
Bimala Choudhury
Manoj Mitra
Indrapramit Roy
Bimala Chatterjee
Jennifer Kapoor
Miss Gilby
Gopa Aich
Nikhil’s sister-in-law
Satyajit Ray
National Film Development Corporation of India
Satyajit Ray
Based on the novel Ghare baire by
Rabindranath Tagore
Soumendu Roy
Dulal Dutta
Art direction
Ashoke Bose
Satyajit Ray

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Eclipse Series 40: Late Ray
Eclipse Series 40: Late Ray

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