Hiroshi Shimizu

Japanese Girls at the Harbor

Japanese Girls at the Harbor

Hiroshi Shimizu’s exquisite silent drama, set in the modernizing port town of Yokohama, tells of the humiliating downfall experienced by Sunako (Michiko Oikawa) after jealousy drives her to commit a terrible crime. With its lushly photographed landscapes and innovative visual storytelling, Japanese Girls at the Harbor shows a director at the peak of his powers and experimentation.

The film is presented with a new score written and performed by noted silent-film composer Donald Sosin.

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Eclipse Series 15: Travels with Hiroshi Shimizu

Travels with Hiroshi Shimizu

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Japanese Girls at the Harbor
Oikawa Michiko
Sunako Kurokawa
Yukiko Inoue
Dora Kennel
Ranko Sawa
Yoko Sheridan
Ureo Egawa
Tatsuo Saito
Yumako Aizome
Hiroshi Shimizu
Adaped screenplay
Mitsuru Suyama
Based on the story “Minato no nihon musume” by
Toma Kitabayashi
Taro Sasaki

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