• Today marks the first-ever home video release of Sam Fuller’s controversial, long-unseen antiracist allegory White Dog, the story of an innocent canine trained to attack blacks, and the black animal trainer who tries to cure him. Get a taste of Fuller’s inimitable sidewinding storytelling style in this clip on White Dog from an interview with Richard Schickel, conducted in 1989.


  • By max magbee
    December 04, 2008
    12:01 AM

    Ah, Sam Fuller - ever the great storyteller. I am so glad that White Dog is finally getting the release it is deserved (now I can retire my German-Subtitled bootleg VHS). It is such an important and impassioned piece of work, no matter how rough around the edges it is, and still has the power to affect viewers on a gut level, forcing them to examine their own feelings and prejudices. As Jim Jarmusch said, Fuller "rubs our noses in our own shit".
  • By Michael Okum
    December 08, 2008
    12:30 PM

    I haven't seen this film yet but I respect Sam Fuller's work more and more as I discover more of his films, especially as released by Criterion. It seems most of Fuller's films have strong messages involved in the narrative - Fuller wasn't interested in making light entertainment. This is probably why directors like Scorsese and Jarmusch idolize him and have judiciously stolen from him to make more great work. The interview is a little bit funny, a little poignant, and a little incoherent, like listening to one of your old uncle's war stories. Thanks.