Renate Reinsve’s Closet Picks

Closet Picks

Jun 30, 2022

The bright star at the center of The Worst Person in the World, Renate Reinsve won the Best Actress award at the 2021 edition of Cannes for her luminous performance in Joachim Trier’s Oscar-nominated film. Reinsve, who was raised in a small town in Norway, considers herself a late-blooming cinephile. When she visited our office this past spring, she recalled her mindblowing first encounter with David Lynch’s Mulholland Dr. after growing up in a place where international cinema was hard to come by. It’s clear from her time in the closet that her love for the art form has endured. In the above video, she passionately describes her admiration for Isabelle Huppert in films like White Material and The Piano Teacher as well as her ideas about why the performances directed by Robert Bresson are so unique. With The Worst Person joining the Criterion Collection this week, see the rest of what the actor took home!

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