Nathan Lane’s Closet Picks

Closet Picks

Jun 10, 2021

Much to our delight, the irresistibly sardonic Nathan Lane recently found himself “back in the closet”—the Criterion closet, that is! A fixture on the American stage and screen for four decades, the Tony and Emmy winner is beloved for his fiery wit and snappy repartee in gleefully outrageous comedies like The Producers (2005) and The Birdcage, the latter of which celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary this past March. A showman through and through, Lane’s signature spunk is on full display as he peruses our selection, gravitating first to fellow funnyman Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid before having his interest piqued by Vilgot Sjöman’s Scandinavian sex odyssey I Am Curious—Yellow. His affection for classic Hollywood is readily apparent: he praises Burt Lancaster’s chilling performance in Sweet Smell of Success and bemoans Charles Laughton’s short-lived career as a director. The actor also shares a story about his attempt to recruit Stephen Sondheim for a musical version of Hal Ashby’s Being There. Check out the above video for more of his commentary on the movies he took home!

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