Victory for the Lorax

In an effort to go green this summer, the Criterion offices were declared a “paper-cup-free zone.” Coffee is now dispensed exclusively into “real” coffee cups (which number roughly in the hundreds), and a lovely array of Janus 50th Anniversary mugs have taken up residence next to the coffee carafe. The watercoolers have been stripped of their paper-cup dispensers, and instead we have a handsome set of drinking glasses in the front and also back in the kitchen. If more offices would make these simple changes it would make such a huge impact on the environment, but I suspect we’ll have to wait for a designer to come up with a fifty-dollar drinking glass reading “This is not a paper cup” for a trend to start.

Assuming we’re all well hydrated and caffeinated, how many Criterion employees does it take to change a lightbulb? Just one, as long as she’s wearing flats. This one was a little skeptical at the sight of a dozen new energy-efficient models lined up on the counter, ready to replace the old, familiar energy-suckers in our entryway and reception area. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for keeping as much unnecessary carbon from the atmosphere as possible, but at first the new bulbs, with their thin white tubes, looked so cold—like typical, joyless fluorescent office lighting. Happily, the glow they give off is actually quite warm, and while looking at the giant L’eclisse poster that faces me across the room I was pleased to discover that Alain Delon (who doesn’t need any special lighting, believe me) looks more attractive than ever.

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