Who’s That Girl?

Dec 16, 2007

The music I play in the front office gets a lot of comments—from “What’s that beeping noise?” to “Wow, you really love that Timberlake album.” Of late, several people have commented on the profusion of Talking Heads and Madonna coming from my speakers (interspersed with Christmas carols, of course!), and the surprising response is that upcoming Criterion DVD supplements are responsible for my current pop playlist. I was absolutely over the moon when I first heard that Kim was interviewing David Byrne about his work on the soundtrack for The Last Emperor. In fact, that very same day I had been singing “Girlfriend Is Better” on my way to work! And when Alex sent an e-mail update about the 4 by Agnès Varda set (which he is producing), I had to call him to check and see if it was really the Madonna who’s in one of the new Cléo from 5 to 7 supplements, on the off chance that it was actually some obscure, Varda-specific Madonna that I’d never heard of. But there is, after all, only one Madonna, and now she’s on Criterion DVD!

Another star has just appeared in a Criterion supplement (of a sort) as well: Will Ferrell and Adam McKay just released the “Criterion Edition” of their popular Internet movie The Landlord. Scroll down to watch the deluxe version, as inspired by Criterion commentary tracks. Happy viewing!

Who’s That Girl?

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