When in Rome . . .

TECHNICOLOR, ROME—What a day! After spending the morning with Antonio Salvatori, the original color timer on Rosi’s The Moment of Truth and Antonioni’s Identification of a Woman, we were lucky enough to run into the great master Giuseppe Rotunno, who is supervising Janus's new print of Amarcord, and to be able to sit in on the color-timing review with him. “Peppino,” as he is affectionately known to all the technicians here, has taken a personal interest in the print, since we’re using the negative he restored a few years back. The lab was pulling out all the stops for the maestro, showing him the same reel printed on two different types of film stock. Watching him study the reels, we could see that the eighty-six-year-old’s eye was as sharp as ever. We asked him if we could take a picture with him in front of the gigantic Amarcord poster hanging in the hallway, and he happily agreed. —Lee Kline and Fumiko Takagi

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