Somewhere Max Ophuls Must Be Smiling

Lola Montès, Max Ophuls’s final film and some would say greatest masterpiece, opened today in New York and Los Angeles in what is being touted as the definitive restoration. Butchered by its producers and a flop on initial release in 1955, the film took a long journey to get in the shape it’s in today. “The most beautiful CinemaScope movie ever made!” raves Phillip Lopate, and he is not alone in his swooning over Ophuls’s only color film (the New York Times’s Dave Kehr calls it “a baroque masterpiece”). See for yourself if you happen to be in Los Angeles or New York this week (L.A.’s Laemmle Royal Theatre pictured below). The restoration will also be screened in Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C., in November, and other cities after that. For complete release information and the story behind the gorgeous new 35 mm restoration from the Cinémathèque française, visit Rialto Pictures' website.

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