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    Today marks what would have been the eighty-fourth birthday of French New Wave pioneer François Truffaut. In celebration of his incredible life and body of work, revisit a selection of essays and Criterion supplements dedicated to the brilliant filmmaker and cinephile:

    • “The face of the French cinema has changed.” Godard celebrated the selection of The 400 Blows to represent France at the 1959 Cannes Film Festival with this rallying cry for the French New Wave.
    • Watch a “mischievous” fourteen-year-old Jean-Pierre Léaud audition for the role that launched his career.
    • Truffaut describes auteur theory to former New York Film Festival director Richard Roud in October 1977.
    • Peter Cowie recalls a history of letter-writing and run-ins with Truffaut.
    • Critic and filmmaker Kent Jones, who is the director of the new documentary Hitchcock/Truffaut, discusses three of Truffaut’s major influences: André Bazin, Jean Renoir, and Alfred Hitchcock.


  • By HUSKY
    February 06, 2016
    07:27 PM

    Happy Birthday Maestro!
  • By Davey32
    February 06, 2016
    09:43 PM

    Truffaut was so magnificent that he should have his own holiday. Happy Birthday master filmmaker!
  • By MelanieDaniels
    February 08, 2016
    01:42 AM

    Happy Birthday,M.Truffaut! We celebrate your films,your humanity,and your love of cinema and literature.(You got a lot done in a short amount of time.) Truffaut will always inspire.