• Apparently, a group called the Secret Science Club threw a pretty happening Painlevé party in Brooklyn a few weeks ago. Seems we weren’t on the guest list (well, it is after all “secret”), so it’s a good thing that the Guardian’s Ben Walters was able to make it down to the Bell House, in Brooklyn’s Gowanus area, and report back. There were, of course, screenings of Jean Painlevé’s amazing underwater films, but carefully selected songs (“Beyond the Sea”!), guest speakers (marine biologist and plankton specialist J. Rudi Strickler from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee), and creative cocktails (what do you suppose is in a Painlevé Periscope?) clearly added some extra flavor to the night. Thanks to Walters for the vivid descriptions—the next best thing to being there.


  • By BEN
    June 05, 2009
    04:44 PM

    sounds amazing! more people need to do this!
  • By weemikey
    September 27, 2009
    06:23 AM

    Don't be silly! Drinking yourself into a stupor, getting into a few spontaneous fracas with assorted figures of the night, spilling a kebab down your already vomit-coated, blood-stained shirt (before falling comotose into a drain), is a much more 'educational' and honest way to spend one's evening. The underwater world of the night is far more (and quite paradoxically) enlightening.