Shot by Shot: Bordwell on Shimizu

Since the release of the Eclipse box set Travels with Hiroshi Shimizu, the following for the insanely prolific Japanese director has been growing steadily. Of course, David Bordwell’s been a fan for quite some time. On his website, the famous film scholar sings the praises of the handful of Shimizu films he’s seen (Shimizu is credited with some 163, Bordwell reminds us!), writing that “he created some of the most heartrending films in world cinema.” He then goes on to take a closer look at the four films in the Eclipse package, reserving his greatest gratitude, and most exacting visual analysis, for Mr. Thank You, “my pick for the crown of the Criterion set.” This being Bordwell, you’ll also learn a little bit more about Shimizu’s technical strategies and compact visual storytelling than you would elsewhere.

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