• John Cassavetes’ Faces is certainly a movie to shout about . . . and maybe sing and laugh and cry and bray and tell bad jokes about, too. In a new article titled “Essential Cassavetes,” Slate film critic Dana Stevens calls the American independent trailblazer’s jarring portrait of a disintegrating marriage—available now as a stand-alone Criterion double-DVD release—“one of the greatest American films of the 1960s.” Though Faces features its miserable suburban couple engaged in a whole lot of bad behavior, Stevens argues that “Cassavetes films his characters with such deep compassion that even the crudest sally comes off as a gesture of love, a misguided bid for recognition.”


  • By darrell
    June 05, 2011
    01:23 AM

    faces is nothing but a piece of crap,like most of cassavetes movies
  • By David Hollingsworth
    July 28, 2011
    04:41 PM

    If you do not like watching Cassavetes's films, Darrell, then do not watch them, and keep your opinions to yourself. Let the rest of us enjoy them. I'll have you know that Faces is an absolutely genius work of art. You can your own opinions, but do not disrespect Cassavetes.
  • By KIM
    September 18, 2011
    11:32 PM

    Darrell's ungrammatical opinion is of little importance to this page. If you're interested in Cassavetes criticism, you're probably looking for a little more than, "This sux." That being said, Mr. Hollingsworth's statement is an equally idiotic response. I think the question of like/dislike of Cassavetes is a question of taste. Criticism has nothing to do with taste, liking or disliking something, putting it on a pedestal or kicking it around like shit. VALUE JUDGEMENTS = WORTHLESS. WHY DON'T YOU GET THIS?!?!